14th March 2018 By

The price of stamps is due to rise on 26 March. First class stamps will be rising by 2p.
Click here to go to the Royal Mail new price list – standard stamp prices are on page 6

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Cost of Postage Increasing on 30 March

19th March 2015 By

The annual increase in postage is coming into effect on 30 March.

Stamps 2014 2015  
1st Class 62p 63p
2nd Class 53p 54p
1st Class Large Letter 93p – £2.38 95p – £2.42 depending on weight
2nd Class Large Letter 73p – £2.01 74p – £2.05 depending on weight

Members will be aware that we use franked mail whenever possible.  The costs for this will increase as follows:

Franked 2014 2015  
1st Class 49p 51p
2nd Class 35p 36p
1st Class Large Letter 74p – £1.95 78p – £2.02 depending on weight
2nd Class Large Letter 60p – £1.59 63p – £1.65 depending on weight


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