Universal Credit

17th July 2018 By

When cases transfer from live service to full service, there is a requirement for private tenants to have their housing costs verified with a  tenancy agreement (or other proof of rent) and confirmation of residence.

Currently the Live to Full Service transfers begin 3 months after a site goes live with Full Service.  However as Live Service closes 29/03/19 and all claims have to be transferred by then, the window for transfer action will become shorter the later the sites are in the rollout.

The dates below are the dates transfer action will begin in the stated sites

Cornwall sites – transfer window opening dates:

Bude JCP 04.06.18

Launceston JCP 04.06.18

Liskeard JCP  02.07.18

Newquay JCP 23.07.18

Truro JCP 23.07.18

St Austell JCP 23.07.18

Bodmin JCP  01.08.18

Helston JCP 15.08.18

Penryn JCP  15.08.18

Penzance JCP  15.08.18

Redruth JCP  22.08.18

, Landlords will need to:

  • Respond promptly to any requests for letters confirming proof of rent and residence
  • Understand the importance of prompt action to ensure housing costs continue in Full Service.

From DWP


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29th November 2017 By


The following freephone numbers will be in use from today (29 November) for all Universal Credit enquiries.  Previous 0345 number is shown to help make sure you are using the correct freephone number

Service Line Current 0345 number New Freephone number
Universal Credit Live Service 0345 600 0723 0800 328 9344
Universal Credit Full Service 0345 600 4272 0800 328 5644
Universal Credit Housing Line 0345 266 0041 0800 328 3844
Universal Credit Sanctions Line 0345 600 3081 0800 328 9744
Universal Credit Live to Full Service Transfers 0345 606 9970 0800 328 7844
Universal Credit/WA Welsh Line 0345 600 3018 0800 328 1744
Universal Credit Text phone 0345 600 0743 0800 328 1344
Performance Measurement 0345 266 1232 0800 328 2144
Payment Services – Creditors/landlords 0345 600 2859 0800 328 0128
Payment Services – Customer contact 0345 600 2865 0800 328 0172

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24th November 2017 By

Universal Credit Roll Out in North Cornwall will be going live on 6 December, but please note announced changes to the system.
To help identify if your tenants will be affected on any change of their circumstances, affected postcodes are shown below.

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16th July 2015 By

Nearly 1,500 call centre staff processing Universal Credit claims are set to go on strike in protest against a working culture their union has described as “increasingly oppressive”. The staff argue that they are being given unrealistic targets to meet and are unable to meet them owing to poor IT, inadequate training and a lack of resources. Bolton and Glasgow staff will walk out for 48 hours on Monday and Tuesday next week after 84% of union members opted to strike.

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20th April 2015 By

Universal Credit is being introduced in Cornwall but just for most new applicants for Job Seekers Allowance.  Anyone already in receipt of benefits will not be affected (at the moment).

Lists of postcodes and the dates that new applicants may start on Universal Credit are now available in the Information Sheets for Landlords page of the Members Area.

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