The rogue landlord database promised in the Housing and Planning Act 2016, initially expected to appear last October, is to commence 6 April 2018.

The list, which will only be available to the central Government and local authorities, will include those with relevant criminal convictions (such as stalking, harassment, blackmail, theft, burglary and handling stolen goods) and those who have been issued with banning orders for a range of offences.

The database will be available to central government and local authorities and will list landlords and agents with criminal convictions and those subject to banning orders.

The database will not be available for the general public for any reason.

Landlords and agents on the database will be able to continue operating unless they are the subject of a banning order.

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Please be aware that the ‘old’ £10 note will cease to be legal tender on 1 March 2018.

After that date only the ‘new’ polymer note can be spent.

Spend them or give them to charity but don’t lose them.

Check your pockets, wallets, purses and savings boxes to make sure you have dug out all the old notes.

Some shops will be giving the old £10 notes in change up to the last minute, you can ask for the new notes but that may not always be possible.

Those people who find the old notes after 1 March will still be able to take them to the bank for exchange.

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The How To Rent Guide which MUST be handed to tenants taking out a new tenancy has been updated.  The new Guide has to be used, handing out old guides will not meet your regulatory requirements and could cause problems if relying on a Section 21 Notice in future.


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Do you want to know about Setting Up A Tenancy?


Update Your Knowledge On Regaining Possession Of Your Property

Suitable for new and experienced landlords and for letting agents

Both courses being run by professionals at Coodes Solicitors

23rd March 2018

Coodes offices in Truro

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The following news came in while I was enjoying a Christmas break:

Helston Jobcentre will close on 5th January 2018, and relocate to Helston Library, Trengrouse Way, Helston.

Newton Abbot Jobcentre will close on 19th January 2018, and relocate to Forde House, Newton Abbot, from 22nd January 2018.  .

Liskeard Jobcentre will close on 9th March 2018, and relocate to Luxtowe House, Liskeard, from 12th March 2018.

We await confirmation of the closure date for Totnes Jobcentre.

The local MP’s has been advised and all staff are fully aware and plans are in place to ensure our customers are fully informed of the change.

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