Introduce a stamp duty surcharge on non-uk residents.

Continue the roll-out of universal credit and bring an end to the benefit freeze.

Invest £9.2 billion in the energy efficiency of homes, schools and hospitals.

Lifetime rental deposits will be introduced. Instead of having to save up a second deposit, the tenant will produce a certificate to show the new landlord before they move in. This will confirm their deposit will be transferred to them once the other landlord has made any deductions necessary. 

Section 21 will be removed with possession grounds strengthened.


Removing section 21 notices

Mandating open-ended tenancies

Funding local authorities so they can buy back properties from private landlords

Introducing a nationwide licensing scheme enforcing minimum national standards for properties

Implementing rent controls capped at inflation with cities given powers to reduce this further

Halting court closures

Planning to scrap universal credit in the long term and replacing it with a new system. Emergency measures will be introduced to provide initial payments of universal credit faster.

Increasing in local housing allowance rates to reduce incidences of rent arrears

Scrapping right to rent

Liberal Democrat

Allowing local authorities to increase council tax by up to 500 per cent where homes are being bought as second homes with a stamp duty surcharge on overseas residents purchasing such properties.

Helping young people into the rental market by establishing a new help to rent scheme to provide government-backed tenancy deposit loans for all first-time renters under 30.

Promoting longer tenancies of three years or more with an inflation-linked annual rent increase built in, to give tenants security and limit rent hikes.

Improving protections against rogue landlords through mandatory licensing.

Reducing the wait time for the first payment of universal credit from five weeks to five days.

Increasing local housing allowance in line with average rents in an area.

Increasing minimum energy efficiency standards for privately rented properties and removing the cost cap on improvements.

Ending the hostile environment policy for immigration (which would include the right to rent).


Proposals to introduce rent controls based on local income

Remove section 21 notices

Scrapping the unfair right to rent legislation

Changing the planning system to incentivise renovation, extension and improvement of existing buildings instead of new builds

Introducing a universal basic income (ubi) as a replacement for universal credit

Funding local authorities to insulate 10 million homes with a priority on low income residents

Building 100,000 social housing properties a year