An attempt to make clear notice periods to be observed when serving notices on tenants following yesterday’s announcement:

For Section 21 notices served on or after 29 August the Notice will expire after 10 months AND a landlord cannot commence court proceedings until at least 6 months have elapsed from the date of service.

For all Notices, from 29 August 2020 no court proceedings can be commenced in under six months EXCEPT for:

Three months notice still applies if the Section 21 or Section 8 Notice was issued prior to 28 August 2020

Four weeks notice will be required for:
* tenants who have built up six months of arrears;
* tenants involved in anti-social behaviour

Two weeks notice for:
* tenants who indulge in domestic violence;
* where a tenancy has been gained through fraud
* where the grounds for eviction relate to the tenant’s immigration status
* where the tenancy is an assured tenancy and possession is sought following the death of the former tenant.

Please make sure the most recent version of any Notice is used..