Details of how to respond can be found in each document.  Where possible all documents are formatted to be read in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Links to consultations will take you to the relevant document.

Consultation on Draft Code of Practice: RICS and TPO's Regulation of Property Agents (RoPAThe consultation closes on 4 September 2020.
If you would like your comments to be included in the CRLA response please send them to Ruth Clarke BY 20 August 2020
Please respond as an individual as well as sharing your views with the CRLA
OTS Capital Gains Tax review call for evidence and surveyThe call for evidence comes in two sections: the first seeks high-level comments on the principles of CGT by 10 August 2020, while the second and primary section of the document invites more detailed comments on the technical detail and practical operation of CGT by 12 October 2020
The CRLA will not be responding to this but please make your individual submissions
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