There is no cost for any potential tenant wishing to contact CRLA members when looking for a property.

All tenants will need to provide ORIGINALS of suitable forms of identification to meet with the requirements of the Right To Rent legislation before being granted a tenancy.

Requests for assistance in finding a new home will remain available for our members to view for a maximum of six weeks.  If you are still looking for somewhere after six weeks please complete the form below once more.

Please consider your answers to the questions.  For example, if you tick to say you are looking for somewhere with mains gas you will not be contacted by landlords without that utility to the property even though all other requirements listed may be met.

To avoid disappointment please check that the rent you are offering to pay is affordable and you will be able to manage the rent.  For guidance, the ONS defines a rental property as affordable as long as the cost of renting doesn’t exceed 30% of the household’s income


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