Please note that I will be on holiday from Saturday 5 August to Tuesday 22 August meaning the CRLA office will be unmanned with no telephone or email contact.


  • For legal queries please contact Coodes on 01872 246200 or email
  • For fire safety queries please contact Jeff Hick on 01872 01872 277256 or email:

If you leave a message on the answering machine (01872 554498) or send an email either through the website or to any of the email addresses (, or I will respond as soon as possible on my return.  This may take a while depending on the number of messages and emails awaiting my return.  If you want a response from me more quickly I suggest you ‘phone me on 22 August.

The forms and information sheets on the website will still be available.

Anyone making a membership renewal payment by BACS or cheque during the holiday period will find that their access to the website will be restricted until a day or two after my return from holiday


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Please note the CRLA office will not be manned for the week commencing 8th August

PLEASE could you make sure you are up-to-date with all required documentation before the 5th as there will be no one to answer ‘phones or respond to emails during the week I am away

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