The following has been received from The Home Office. Documents in the Members Area of this website have been updated.

The Home Office is introducing a new online right to rent checking service. This is a significant step forward in making right to rent checks simpler and more secure for landlords and migrants.
Landlords will be able to undertake a right to rent check in real time for non-EEA citizens with a valid biometric resident permit or card and EEA citizens and their family members with status granted under the EU Settlement Scheme. In addition, landlords will also be able to use the online service for those who have leave granted under the new points-based immigration system.
The online service is designed to be simple for landlords to carry out the checks. It allows checks to be carried out by video call, and landlords will not need to see documents as the right to rent information is provided in real time directly from Home Office systems. The service is secure and free to use.
The online service works on the basis of the individual first viewing their own Home Office profile. They may then share this information with a landlord if they wish, by providing the landlord with a ‘share code’, which can be used to access the prospective tenant’s record. This authorisation represents an important safeguard and means landlords will only be able to view an individual’s right to rent information, and no other unrelated personal information.
EEA citizens will continue to be able to demonstrate their entitlement to rent to landlords by showing a valid passport or national ID card until 30 June 2021. Use of the service is voluntary and landlords should not discriminate against those tenants unwilling or not able to use the service.
The Home Office has also made it easier for British-born UK nationals without British passports to demonstrate right to rent by enabling them to use short birth or adoption certificates.
The right to rent Code of Practice and guidance have been revised. Our Codes and guidance are clear that landlords should conduct right to rent checks on all adult tenants in a non-discriminatory way.