Members will notice that there are a few changes to the site that have been made in recent days, designed to make the site more accessible and easier to use.

File download pages are now completely searchable, meaning you no longer need to read through the entire list of files to find the one you want. This search happens in real time – downloads are filtered as you type into the search box, immediately providing relevant files without having to reload the page. You also now can control the number of files that appear at one time on the page. The default is 15, but members can alter this to show fewer or more to suit their preferences, and this preference will be remembered provided you are logged in. This system has been implemented across all pages where multiple files are listed.

The trade directory is also similarly presented in a new searchable table, with the same basic features as download pages. Clicking on the name of a business opens their web site in your browser where an address has been provided by the company, and similarly, clicking on email addresses within the table automatically opens your computers email client.

In addition to these upgrades, there is a new searchable archive of CRLA newsletters in the public access area of the site, and a new page in the member’s access area where slideshow presentations used to accompany guest speakers’ talks at past CRLA meetings can be downloaded for future reference.